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Explore the abandoned city. Face the challenges of “Zombie Invasion”! 🧟

In this virus-ridden city, a sudden zombie crisis erupts. You are the last survivor!Your mission is to survive in this perilous environment while completely eliminating hordes of zombies.💪

You take on the role of a tentacle creature equipped with powerful tentacle weapons like a spider. In this terrifying city, you must skillfully use your tentacles to engage in a life-and-death struggle on the streets and alleys teeming with zombies.🧌

Grab the zombies, digest them, and preserve your own life. As the number of zombies increases, you must continuously improve your movement speed and capture abilities to face increasingly challenging battles.

But beware❗Once touched by a zombie, your life will be immediately terminated. In this city full of death threats, only the most powerful creatures can survive. Get ready to face the test of this zombie apocalypse and become the redeemer of this city! 🦸

Are you brave enough to plunge into this adventure space and complete these hero wars?😈

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