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# What it is

* USB & Bluetooth serial (UART) ports terminal.

* SSH and Telnet terminal.

* Local shell terminal emulator with libusb support and a command line tool to interact with the Android environment; enjoy any Linux distribution under PRoot right on your phone:

– compile;

– debug;

– flash and debug MCUs in case your programmer uses libusb (OpenOCD with a wide range of dongles, for example).

(No device rooting is required)

# Features

* Minimum supported Android version is 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

* Adequate screen input methods as long as a terminal requires specific keyboard functions.

* Ability to set fixed screen columns and/or rows number.

* Supported USB UART devices: Generic USB CDC, CP210X, FTDI, PL2303, CH34x, CP2130 SPI-USB.

* Bluetooth SPP UART devices are supported.

* Local Linux PTY is supported. Feel free to use PRoot with some Linux environment: .

* Shell tool to interact with the Android environment is also present.

– Content exchange between other applications and own files / pipes has been implemented.

– It also works in chrooted environments (PRoot at least).

– USB and Bluetooth serial port dongles access from the command line is also implemented.

– libusb support on nonrooted Android with hot plug/unplug events, see .

– Custom plugins to access the Android environment and own API to create them as separate APKs.

* Telnet (no encryption).

* Supported SSH features: zlib compression, port forwarding, password and public key authentication.

* No MoSH, sorry.

* Terminal screen columns and/or rows number can be set fixed.

* Builtin screen keyboard and mouse.

* Hardware buttons mapping.

* Different charsets and customizable key mapping support.

* The application packed into single universal APK for all architectures that makes it possible to be installed on additional devices even being offline.

# 3rd party components


* SSH: modified

* Console font:

See full list in the Wiki.


Source code:

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