Q Locker info

🏆 15+ HD door themes

Single door themes

Double door themes

Keypad door themes

Keypad themes

Door themes lock screen

🏆 Best door simulator

3 door sounds: lock, unlock & open door sounds

Smooth door open & close animations

Authentic door light & shadow

Drag, swipe, slide to open the door

🏆 Security

Enter PIN to open the door & unlock your phone

Enter PIN to turn off locker

4~8-digit PINs

Secure PIN door lock screen

🏆 Intruder Selfie

Snaps a secret photo of intruder who entered wrong PINs or fingerprints

Send intruder photo directly in your email inbox

Show intruder notification on unlock

Show date and time on intruder photo

Custom intruder wrong attempts

Intruder selfie door lock screen

🏆 Advanced

Switch between dark & light theme

Lock notification bar:

Stop notification drawer from being pulled down on lock screen.

Unlock notification bar:

Allow users to pull down notification drawer on lock screen to access quick settings like flashlight.


❓ How does it work?

A: When your phone is locked by Door Lock Screen, swipe from right to left for single door themes, or swipe horizontally for double door themes, to open the door and unlock your phone.

If PIN lock is enabled, please enter the PIN first to unlock your phone.

❓ Why doesn’t intruder selfie work?

Please add a PIN first to enable intruder selfie

Please turn on Storage & Camera permissions first to enable intruder selfie

Download Door Lock Screen now, open the door, unlock your phone, or enter PIN to unlock your phone.

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