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The ProdataKey app replaces your access card or key fob for employees. It gives administrators complete mobile management over their PDK access control system. And PDK integrators can use the app to configure customer systems.

With Bluetooth credentials stored in the ProdataKey app, you can use your phone to unlock doors–either as you approach or by holding your phone near a reader on the door. With additional remote access credentials, you can see the states of doors at a location and unlock a door from anywhere by simply pressing on an icon.

System administrators can enable the Manage features of the app to grant access permissions, set door schedules, view reports, and receive instant alerts regarding their PDK system. No need to sit behind a computer to manage your access control system.

Integrators and technicians can use the ProdataKey app to install, configure, and troubleshoot a PDK system for their customers and their locations.

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