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FGTS: Get access to balance simulation, income and date for FGTS withdrawal and birthday withdrawal.

You will find here information about anticipating your birthday withdrawal.

Do you know when and how much you can withdraw your FGTS?

See the value and date of your Birthday withdrawal using our simulator.

Do you have questions about the FGTS and emergency withdrawal? More information here. Download the app!

Birthday withdrawal: value, calendar and advance payment all in one place.

🤔 Do you know how much and when you will receive your birthday withdrawal? Do you want to check the emergency payment schedule? Do you know the balance of the Guarantee Fund?

📲 The application was developed to help you with labor calculations, and with all your questions about the FGTS. In addition to knowing the emergency withdrawal calendar in 2023.

My FGTS – Simulate the value, and find out the period to make your birthday and emergency or extraordinary withdrawal, from active and inactive accounts. And also find out how to check the Guarantee Fund balance using the CPF, PIS or NIS.

✅ FGTS Features | Withdrawal and Calendar:

– Amount available for withdrawal

– Estimate of active and inactive withdrawals

– Calculation of your FGTS income

– Learn to consult

📣 Important Notice

– This application is not linked to government agencies.

– We are not a government app, and all information is taken from the official Government website.

– We carry out a simulation from the official Government website. All information available in the application originates from open data from official sources.

– The application does not store any personal information entered during use and is in accordance with the Brazilian General Data Protection Law.

Emergency withdrawal: with the FGTS balance and the month of birth informed by the user we carry out the calculation, there is no external consultation.

Birthday Withdrawal Value: with the FGTS balance and month of birth informed by the user, we inform a simulation, according to the public references made available on the Official Government pages, there is no external consultation.

Birthday Withdrawal Calendar: with the month of birth informed by the user, we identify within the public reference made publicly available on the Official pages which month the benefit was received, there is no external consultation.

The information used to base the calculations, simulations and calendars is extracted from the Official Caixa website, responsible for the benefit.

*We always keep the application updated with each new information about the benefit dynamics.

**This application has no connection with Caixa Econômica Federal.

Read our terms of use and privacy policy:

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