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We provide your family with the best values-based entertainment and education with over 15,000 resources including the largest collection of Islamic videos, games and eBooks.

With Muslim Kids TV, learning Islam becomes the most enjoyable aspect of your child’s life.

You don’t have to worry about sending your child to the perfect weekend schools, or searching endlessly for Islamic content across various websites or platforms.

You have everything in one place!

The best thing is that your child will love Muslim Kids TV because it is engaging, entertaining and fun!

What makes us absolutely unique is that your child will not only gain the Islamic knowledge you have always dreamt of them learning, their character will also improve through seeing only the best and most dignified role models.

And why shouldn’t that be the case when they will be taking invaluable lessons from the Stories of the Qur’aan, the Prophets, the Righteous Companions and more!

No more worrying about how your children will be affected by shows that promote the values you don’t agree with.

Muslim Kids TV develops the whole child with content that covers both Deen and Dunya. Your children will also be learning the valuable literacy and STEM skills they need in today’s world.

On MuslimKids.TV you get:

Thousands of videos on demand along with three streaming TV channels. There are also thousands of interactive activities including video games and eBooks. We have amazing high quality 2D & 3D cartoons, songs, live action adventures. Your children will love the content that covers Islamic religious knowledge, arts & crafts, science (STEM), sports, poetry and literature, cooking, game shows, documentaries, and much, much more….

It’s the perfect choice for kids aged 2 – 12 years, since it is safe, halal, engaging, authentic, educational and exciting.

SIGN-UP TODAY and open a world of over 15,000 high quality Islamic children’s videos, resources, ebooks, and games.

Enjoy Anywhere:

Mobile and tablet apps


Smart TV apps for the most popular TV brands

One account works across all devices.

Muslim Kids TV membership is auto-renewing monthly or yearly depending upon your plan choice. You can easily cancel your membership anytime in your app settings.

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