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Do you want to prank the children to show that I see through walls and can view inside rooms?

This is a negative photo scanner app for wall scanner to prank someone with an inside room photo.

You can take two photos, one from the wall and the second from inside the room, home or office, or message to someone to send a photo inside the room or office.

The Wall Camera Photo Filter Prank app will allow you to scan walls and rooms in real time and you can see through walls if you have a room inside photos on your phone. A real room photo will automatically change to a negative image or like an X-ray photo, and you can view and scan the room in a negative photo effect.

When you have this camera photo scanner prank app on your mobile, then you have no need for hidden cameras in rooms and in offices because in every home and office you have a not a spy camera to view children’s and working people’s activities inside the study rooms and office.

How To?

This wall and room photo negative scanner prank app is easy to use. Take a photo of the inside of a room or ask someone to take a photo of the inside of a room and a second image of a wall for scanning

When you have these two photos, then you have to scan the wall photo in front of children who are playing games and watching movies without their parents’ permission.

Using this photo scanner camera application, children will think that their parents could watch us from behind the wall. This prank will prevent them from doing appropriate activities in the absence of their parents.

Now, download the Wall Camera Photo Filter Prank application to fool someone with see through walls.

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