Crypto Guru Trading Academy and Simulator info

Cryptoguru: Your Gateway to the World of Crypto Trading! Elevate your crypto trading skills to a new level with the updated version of Cryptoguru.

Cryptoguru offers a unique opportunity to gain high-quality trading and cryptocurrency experience that closely resembles real stock market practices. Here, you can utilize all the essential tools: stop-loss, take-profit, professional charts, and advanced indicators. Master the intricacies of crypto trading in a safe and motivating environment!


● Interactive Learning: Dive into the nuances of crypto trading through engaging tasks and mini-games.

● Real Trading Environment: Keep track of real-time quotes 24/7, experiment with various strategies, and enhance your skills.

● Virtual Rewards: Work on increasing your capital, participate in trader tournaments, and win incredible prizes.

● Weekly Tournaments: Compete with other participants, climb to the top of the rankings, and become a true Cryptoguru legend.

Cryptoguru – your chance to immerse yourself in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, where education and entertainment go hand in hand. Join us and discover incredible opportunities!


★ Wheel of Fortune: Each day becomes even more exciting thanks to our Wheel of Fortune. Whether it’s in-game currency, luxurious decorations, or unique profile items, every time you face a new and thrilling challenge.

★ Villas, Yachts, Supercars: Start with a small plot and turn it into a luxurious palace. With each new achievement, your property becomes even more impressive. Enjoy every moment of your progress.

★ Auctions and Exclusive Shopping: Acquire unique items and stand out among other traders.

With Cryptoguru, you’ll not only learn the basics of crypto trading but also enjoy gaming elements. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, our platform offers something for everyone.

The app is intended for adult users.

There is no option to trade with real money or win real cash prizes or gifts in the game.

Your winnings or balance cannot be exchanged for real money.

Success or experience in the trading simulator does not guarantee success in real-money trading.

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