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Flags Quiz All World Countries is a geography trivia game that will help you learn and test your knowledge of countries, maps, and capital cities. Do you know where Ecuador is on the map? Do you remember the national flag of Nepal? How many flags can you guess? This app will teach you and test your knowledge without worries even if you think you know everything for sure there is an island you will hear about for the first time! Learn geography with us!

This flags game contains different levels and different trivia quizzes:

√ 4 Flags – you have to choose what the flag is based on the name

√ 4 Countries – you need to choose the right flag according to the picture

√ An easy quiz that will help you learn the names of the countries and flags

√ A tough quiz that will test how well you know each flag, capital city, and maps

√ Timed challenges to test your skills

Our app will help you learn geography anywhere and anytime you want, and improve your general knowledge in an easy and fun way.

Why use our flags quiz?

Everything is user-friendly, you will get hints if you are right or not, and even if you don’t know something you will always get help. We have all country flags and territories divided by country flag categories.

⭐ Features: ⭐

🎌 180+ country flags

🏙️ 180+ capital city

❔ Learn the location of the country on the map

👌 Useful hints. It’s easy to learn and hard to lose

🌐 Free Geography Game

📶 Play offline without internet access

📊 11 levels to master your knowledge of countries and become a geography champion

🆓 A table to help you see all the capital cities and flags and the physical location on the map

🏠 Cards that will help you learn countries and capital cities properly

You will learn all the flags of all the countries after you finish the game! It’s never too late to learn the national flags and cities of countries!

Challenge yourself with our geography quiz, learn something new, and have fun with our educational app.

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