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• With 99GPSLOGIN GPS Tracking Application You can track your one or multiple vehicles in a single Screen with lots of inbuilt features. This device works with the devices installed by us. Otherwise we can also integrate your own GPS Device in our GPS Tracking Application with a minimal cost for 12 months. You can track your vehicles in real-time.

• In case of theft, you can use the built-in navigation feature to navigate to your vehicle while it is being driven away, this application gives you real-time traffic alerts as you move forward. You can use these traffic alerts to re-route your travel.

Main Features:

 Live tracking of your vehicles in Real-time.

 Ignition on off alerts via push notifications.

 Geo-fence alerts.

 Over-speed alarm.

 Accident alert.

 Vibration alert.

 Vehicle list view shows your entire vehicle in a single list with necessary details.

 Map View shows you entire vehicles in a single pane to get the idea like which vehicle is where located.

 Dashboard for fleet owners giving description of the entire vehicle’s status.

 App shows all the supported sensors in dashboard like ignition sensor, fuel sensor, ac sensor in installed.

 Nearest POI’s

 Options to download various reports.

 Km summary.

 Share live location of vehicle with your clients.

 Vehicle navigation

 All events can be seen on single screen.

Major Changes in maps have been done and Open Street maps have not been used.

Further, our app comes with minimum subscription plan for a whole year.

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