Can you turn a pretty farm into a paradise bay land? Enjoy the fun farming game to succeed in the building a magnificent seaside village! Harvest crops, raise animals, trade with friends, earn precious resources and xp to expand the town! Maintain stocks of crops and products to make your farm plentiful!

Your good neighbors will help you get comfortable and grow the farm even faster! Сhat and trade with friends in the neighborhood to become the best farmers! Explore the mine to get precious resources to have a good progress! Complete exciting orders to expand! Take part in regular events to enjoy the pleasant family atmosphere on your farm!

Unforgettable trips to the treasure islands await you! Use a wonderful yacht to sail to the islands and get precious resources to expand and find fantastic treasures as well! Interesting and exciting missions will make expanding your farm fast and cheerful!

Farm Bay features:

* Numerous crops and fruits to harvest.

* Cute animals to get healthy farm products.

* Various production buildings to make beneficial recipes.

* Market stand, ship and order board to trade and earn coins to expand.

* Magnificent airship to improve the production buildings.

* Exciting trips to the treasure islands.

* Many interesting quests and challenging orders.

* Regular in-game events on the farm.

* Fishing to get fish and make delicious fish recipes.

* Nice decorations to make the farm more beautiful.


* Farm Bay is free to download and free to play,

however some in-game items can be purchased for real money.

* The game requires an active internet connection to play.

* Farm Bay is a standalone game and will not

synchronize or connect to the Facebook version of the game.

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