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Unlock the power of Wifi Hotspot – Speed test: Fast & Secure

Transform your device into a real hotspot, personal hotspot & mobile hotspot in a simple step. This lite personal hotspot & speed test app empowers you to create a lightning-fast WiFi hotspot from 2G/3G/4G/5G networks. Experience the quick and simple way to broadcast unlimited mobile data service with friends and family anytime, anywhere!

06 Amazing Wifi analyzer – Wifi hotspot, personal hotspot & mobile hotspot share main features:

πŸ’‘ Instant Wifi hotspot: Immediately transform your smartphone into a wireless personal hotspot and enjoy a secure Wifi connection. Simply activate the portable WiFi hotspot by a switch widget on screen.

πŸ’‘ Handy QR code: Effortlessly create a unique QR code with mobile hotspot. +10 types supported QR code, Barcode, Business card, etc. Easily search and scan Wifi QR creation history, scan QR code & Barcode to Wifi password show and connect Wifi share.

πŸ’‘ Precisely speed test: Completely check WiFi connection speed with just one tap. The internet speed test that Wifi analyzer – personal hotspot & speed test app provides includes ping, download speed and upload speed. So you can monitor if your WiFi connection is strong, normal or weak.

πŸ’‘ Detailed data usage: Wifi analyzer helps you get current information on total data usage and data usage for list of apps.

πŸ’‘ Smart time manager: Set timer for your Wifi hotspot. Your personal hotspot will auto remove Wifi connection when the timer runs out.

πŸ’‘ Useful data limit and battery limit management: Take charge of your internet usage and power consumption with efficient data and battery limit management. Stay connected without the fear of draining your battery or exceeding your data plan!

🀩 How to use the optimal Wifi analyzer – Global WiFi hotspot, personal hotspot & mobile hotspot app:

βœ… Install mobile hotspot & speed test app from the Play Store and open it.

βœ… Type name the Wifi hotspot, set the Wifi pass, insert the time limit you desire and press start button to unlock hotspot and share Wifi in wide coverage with personal hotspot & speed test app.

βœ… Also, you can check signal strength of your personal hotspot with the speedtest option.

βœ… See your data usage details on the personal hotspot & speed test app with Wifi analyzer.


1. Wifi hotspot & speed test app will allow mobile social networking for your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or any devices that supports Wi-Fi.

2. Personal hotspot & speed test app supports Android 4.x to 9.x…phones that require some run permissions. Once you allow these permissions, hotspots app will run on your device to start Wifi hotspot.

3. The app’s speed varies based on your 3G/4G/5G package that you have registered with the network operator.

4. After using, please turn off the tether Wifi hotspot access point to save battery energy.

πŸ€” Why choose WiFi Hotspot pro?

🌟 Reliability: Experience a stable WiFi connection on the go, perfect for travel WiFi and public WiFi situations.

🌟 Convenience: Easily manage your WiFi hot spot settings in one place.

🌟 Performance: Optimize your network performance with speed test and data usage insight.

🌟 Security: Rest easy with our advanced security features protecting your Wifi connection.

Unlock the full potential of your device’s internet-sharing capabilities with WiFi Analyzer: WiFi hotspot, personal hotspot & mobile hotspot – a powerful app for seamless and secure connectivity. Whether optimizing network speed, monitoring data usage, or sharing WiFi connection with friends, this application is your go-to solution. Download our mobile hotspot for an enhanced WiFi hotspot and speed test experience!

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