Which Characters Are Missing In The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom?

There is a wide cast of characters present in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Still, there are some memorable characters from Breath of the Wild that aren’t present in this sequel. While this doesn’t directly affect the story, it can leave you itching to see some familiar faces.




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Here, we are going to look at who is missing from Tears of the Kingdom, as well as what might have happened to them. We won’t be dropping any spoilers to the story here, so you can scroll freely if you have yet to finish the game.

Which Characters Are Missing In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Kass looking at Link holding his accordian in Breath of the Wild

In total, there are just three living characters missing from Tears of the Kingdom, which you can find listed below.

  • Vilia
  • Monk Maz Koshia
  • Kass

Vilia is a Gerudo who provides Link with the Gerudo outfit in Breath of the Wild. While this outfit is great, Vilia isn’t the most necessary to include in Tears of the Kingdom. As such, we won’t include a section about her below.

Why Is Kass Not In Tears Of The Kingdom?

breath of the wild link talking to kass' family

Of course, the most beloved missing character is Kass. Just in case you need a quick reminder, Kass is an accordion-playing Rito minstrel who was often found near shrine quest locations and stables. At each stable, Kass would play a new song that fits into a larger ballad about Calamity Ganon.

breath of the wild kass on a sheikah tower

So, what exactly happened to Kass? After completing all shrine quests, Kass returns to Rito Village to be with his kids, and interestingly, his entire family can be found in Tears of the Kingdom. This includes his wife Amali, as well as his five daughters. With six family members present, it’s a bit puzzling as to why Kass is gone.

Kass isn’t completely forgotten though. In Tears of the Kingdom, you will travel around to stables with Penn for the Potential Princess Sightings quest. While doing so, Penn mentions a ‘famous bard’, which is most likely Kass.

Kass In The Champions’ Ballad DLC

breath of the wild link and kass on a cliff

Kass is an important figure in The Champions’ Ballad DLC, which could provide hints to his whereabouts. Without spoiling much, Kass essentially fulfills a promise to the Court Poet. With one main event of his life done, he may yearn to learn and explore the world. His absence in Tears of the Kingdom could simply be explained by the fact that he is traveling.

Interestingly, some fans across the internet believe that Kass died. This is a possibility, but Kass’s family shows no signs of grief or any indication that he died. Because of this, there is a good chance that he is traveling the world.

Monk Maz Koshia

maz koshia from breath of the wild floating

Monk Maz Koshia is a Sheikah monk who appeared in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity as well as The Champions’ Ballad DLC. This monk serves as a ‘final boss’ for the DLC and defeating him will earn you the Master Cycle Zero.

Maz Koshia is missing from Tears of the Kingdom, but his absence isn’t as noticeable as Kass’. Additionally, Maz Koshia was relevant to the Sheikah Slate technology, which was replaced by the Purah Pad in Tears of the Kingdom.

Are The Four Champions In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Urbosa Attacking a Yiga Clan Member from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The four Champions do not appear in Tears of the Kingdom, however we did not mention them above because technically, they are not living. In Breath of the Wild, the four Champions are alive and fighting, but in the time between this game and Tears of the Kingdom, they are effectively dead, as their spirits are trapped in Divine Beasts.

While the Champion’s spirits do help beat Calamity Ganon, this does not resurrect them from the dead. Instead, they are freed from the Divine Beasts.


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