🌎 AZIP Master is a extract files app – zip opener, ZIP file decompressor that is trusted by millions of users worldwide.

AZIP Master is a zip app to extract files, create archives in ZIP or rar file formats. Unpack numerous archive file formats: unZIP (extract ZIP files), unRAR (extract RAR files).. . As a stable application – AZIP Master is an attractive unarchiver choice for mobile users around the globe.

AZIP Master – ZIP extractor will help you:

✔️ Decompress multiple files at once quickly

✔️ Create packaged ZIP, compress files

✔️ Quickly unZIP: open zipped files with extract file ZIP, RAR opener feature

✔️ Rar extractor/Extract file with multiple format types: RAR, ZIP

✔️ File transfer, Zip files opener: transfer files via Hotspot or WiFi quickly

✔️ Compress document and decompression using Background Mode to save resources

✔️ Integrity check for compressed files

✔️ Supports large compressed files, zip reader

✔️ Easily choose the archive format and size

✔️ Password to protect compressed files and create ZIP files with password

✔️ Share zipped files, extract, compress word file easily

The highlights features of AZIP Master – Zip files opener/ Rar opener/Unzip files

⭐Smart file picker helps you to gather Zip files and compress files, compress word document extremely convenient into ZIP

⭐Allows multitasking, decompressing multiple Zip Rar files at the same time

⭐Easily browse files and folders: photos, videos, music, documents, etc.

⭐Arrange documents neatly

⭐Recently used files appear right on the main screen, you don’t need to search for

⭐Send ZIP RAR compressed file quickly via email, message after compressing ZIP files, extracting ZIP RAR files.

⭐Connect with Google Drive to sync your online documents, so you can compress & extract files from Google Drive right on this app.

⭐Nice interface, easy to open RAR or open ZIP files exceptionally fast

❓ Why do you need to compress files ❓

Quick sharing: The compression is like gathering files in one place and then packing them. This action helps you send multiple documents at the same time, it’s extremely convenient and fast.

Keep the quality of photos, videos when sharing: You can pack (compress) before sharing if you want to send multiple photos, videos, audios… without losing their quality.

Space saving: By compressing documents and archiving files, AZIP Master helps you organize documents neatly, tidy to save maximum memory space.

Data security: AZIP Master supports compressing fils and decompressing Zip with passwords. As a result, the important and sensitive files will be totally protected.

Download AZIP Master file compressor and file extractor NOW and enjoy many advanced features. 🔥🔥🔥


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