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PDF Reader – PDF Viewer is a professional document reader that integrates multiple functions, supporting various file formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF, eliminating the hassle of installing numerous applications. It brings the various tools you need together in one place, providing great convenience for efficient reading of your documents.

**Five Major Features of PDF Reader – PDF Viewer**

📦 Strong Format Compatibility

No need for extra applications, ‘PDF Reader – PDF Viewer’ integrates Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, and other file formats, offering a one-stop solution for all document viewing needs.

📋 Professional Reader

Browse files anytime, anywhere, ‘PDF Reader – PDF Viewer’ can read PDF files stored on your phone, enhancing your work efficiency.

📨 File Search

Search for file names with just one click, ‘PDF Reader – PDF Viewer’ supports searching for various file formats, quickly locating the desired files.

👁 Eye-Care Dark Mode

Considering night-time reading, ‘PDF Reader – PDF Viewer’ provides a dark mode, which helps to reduce visual fatigue, protect eye health, and allows for comfortable reading even in dim light.

PDF Reader – PDF Viewer, a lightweight yet powerful PDF reader, specially designed with a night mode for a more comfortable reading experience. Download now to explore new horizons in reading!

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