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Waho is a free voice and video group chat application. Here, you can leave behind the worries and stress of life and engage in real-time voice conversations and live video interactions with people. It’s a fun way to relax and get to know new friends without leaving your home. Additionally, Waho offers private rooms for secure voice and video chats, ensuring the protection of your privacy and safety.

Voice & Video Chat

Real-time voice chat with up to 8 people and video streaming with up to 4 participants, allowing you to play games, watch movies, and have non-stop fun.

Exquisite Gifts

A variety of exquisite gifts, luxurious sports cars, beautiful avatar frames, and other decorations to showcase your hobbies and uniqueness, giving your friends a wonderful opportunity for surprises.

Various Themed Parties

Celebrate National Day, birthdays, weddings, or real-time commentary on football matches and spend wonderful moments on Waho.

Casual Games

Engage in incredibly fun online casual games where you can play and chat simultaneously, making the experience even more enjoyable. Say goodbye to boring and dull moments in life.

1 to 1 Private Chat

You can also engage in one-on-one private chats with friends, where you can send text, image, and voice messages.

Download Waho now and start your wonderful group chat journey by joining in live conversations, meeting new friends, and getting to know more interesting souls.

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