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Join Maxi and the other pioneers in the fantastic adventures of being an Explorer of the King. Where you should perform challenging actions and searches to collect as many stars as possible. But, I will not be so easy, you will be challenged by insects, snakes, arachnids, worms, bats and even the same evil.

Super Pioneer features:

★ 4 Game modes (History, Run, Flappy and Dodge).

★ 4 eligible characters.

★ Variety of attacks (Ball, onslaught, and jump).

★ Different Fantastic Environments.

★ Great variety of Enemies.

★ Points and stars redeemable for improvements in the store.

★ Variety of actions (Jump, run,float up, explore, build and remove fires, move from one side to another on a rope, plant and water plants, flags, talk and help strangers, communicate at traffic lights, join ropes, activate objects to A through levers, and read).

★ Variety of elements with which to interact (trampoline, mobile wooden board, falling wooden board, basket with balloons, basket in the water, among others).

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Essence of the Game:

Super Pioneer is an idle video game developed for both the Christian and non-Christian public. Among the main objectives of the video game is:

1. Carry the message of Jesus Christ in a fun, trapped and relevant way for this generation.

2. Reaffirm habits such as preaching, reading the Bible and helping others through the actions performed by the characters in the video game.

Both objectives are achieved through the theme raised in the Super Pioneer video game. The best explorers of the King The adventurers in different environments in order to restore peace and overcome evil.

Super Pioneer is an enriching experience where the good habits of a Christian are reinforced through the reading of the Bible to overcome the evil and to speak of the love of Jesus to other people. That is why Super Pioneer encourages people to turn their lives to Jesus and the Bible forever.

Thank you very much for playing a ‘Super Pioneer’! Thanks to your comments we can follow the new Christians who have Jesus and the Bible as protagonists.

Glory to God for everything!…

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