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Lifting Hero: More Strong” – Become Stronger!

Prepare for an exciting world in “Lifting Hero: More Strong,” where you can realize your dreams of becoming incredibly powerful. This captivating arcade game allows you to literally transform your character through weightlifting and boss battles.

Game Features:

Bodybuilding and Competitions: Embark on the path of a bodybuilder, progressively increasing the load to strengthen and develop your character. Enhance your power by lifting heavier and more challenging weights.

Boss Battles: Take on mighty bosses, each presenting a unique challenge. Build your physical strength to conquer these titans and advance further.

Unique Upgrades: Unlock various enhancements for your character, revealing new skills, abilities, and possibilities. Make your hero even mightier and aim for the pinnacle of strength.

Thrilling Competitions: Engage in intriguing competitions with friends, where your skills will face a rigorous test. Discover who among you is the strongest and most powerful.

Begin your journey to strength and glory in “Lifting Hero: More Strong.” It’s your time to break the limits of your body and prove that you can become a true hero of power. Grab those weights and start your adventure today!

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