The next generation parking app, equipped with innovative features and an exclusive Smart Parking Network is now live. Are you looking for a parking space or do you want to rent yours out? VICKY is here for you.

By connecting people with our VICKY parking spaces, VICKY prevents parking capacity in inner cities from being unused. Join the community and get exclusive access to our Smart Parking Network, or rent out your unused parking space via our platform.

Features in the app:

– Park direct at VICKY parking spots (with credit card);

– Book and reserve a parking spot for guaranteed parking (with credit card & iDeal);

– Subscribe to a fixed parking space at one of our VICKY locations;

– Search for parking spots close to your destination;

– Get personal travel advice via our “Last Mile Service” using Uber, public transport or on foot to your destination;

– Add multiple vehicles to your account, free of charge;

– Entrance & exit instructions for every VICKY location;

– Rent out your own parking space, and always determine your own price and availability;

– Flawless Parking Management via our app and easy to integrate with our software in the cloud.

VICKY is developed by people who believe in the possibilities of cities and their inhabitants. The best results are achieved within communities when we all contribute to a common goal. Our goal is to provide a sustainable solution to the structural parking problems in our cities.

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