UNIQLO, life wear to enrich everyone’s life

From special benefits only to UNIQLO APP members to a convenient shopping experience!

Be the first to meet various fashion information such as new products and collaboration news.

■ Various coupon benefits provided only to APP members!

■ Provide the latest information such as new products/collaboration and discount promotions!

■ Personalized fashion information and styling suggestions!

■ Online store exclusive products and special sizes (XS~4XL) at a glance!

■ Same-day pickup at the store after purchasing online!

■ Check stock of desired products by store!

[Optional access rights]

1. Camera: Execute product barcode or QR code scan menu

2. Location information: Search for nearby stores and self-stock search

You can use the service even if you do not agree to this optional access right.

◈ Uniqlo website: https://www.uniqlo.com/kr/en/

◈ Uniqlo Customer Center

– Tel: 080-722-3300

– E-mail: uniqlocs@uniqlo.co.kr

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