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Social duplicator for multiple app clones to get dual accounts &

parallel space multi accounts. Welcomes to Dual Space pro multi accounts dual app for second space: Parallel Space Multiple Accounts App & double app Keep the second WhatsApp as a duplicate app. Parallel space multi account for dual WhatsApp app. If you want to make your own secret account dual messenger in dual mobile. if you want to keep balance between personal life and work. Dual Space pro second app: Parallel space & Multiple Accounts is best app for you. double space app provide a privacy zone for you. dual space blue make your private account hidden. Your privacy is protected by Multiple Accounts or multiplayer account.

Dual Space pro: Parallel space & Multiple Accounts is a best app cloner. keep your multiple accounts login by creating extra space storage in your mobile device. dual space clone is a latest technology which creates extra space storage for two accounts & second space in your mobile phone. Free dual space app allows user to maintain & run two accounts multiple accounts of social media apps simultaneously. Dual app creates customize space of all cloned apps of social media network and games clone.

Dual Space & Multi Parallel Space Pro multi app cloner allows you to clone unlimited apps. Cloning one app allows you to use multiple accounts on one app. If you want to make your apps more secure, dual space pro provides you an app lock feature that you can enable through fingerprint and passcode. Dual Space Pro supports 2accounts for almost all social apps. Dual space pro is ad free and allows unlimited app cloning by creating multispace for your clone app. Passcode and fingerprint app lock enables your data privacy and maintains personal space. Dual identity allows multi social accounts to log in at the same time.

The Multi Account feature allows you to use 2 whatsapp in one phone without purchasing a second phone.

Dual Space lite is the best cloning app creating dual identity of apps and using them with less storage consumption of apps on your phone.

Features of Dual Space pro: Multi Parallel space & Multiple Accounts app cloner

-Supports WhatsApp multi device format and All social media apps, android apps

-Interface User friendly interface of dual space app cloner.

-Privacy Protection Dual space multi parallel app

-Allows you to use passcode to keep privacy on your parallel space multiple accounts.

-Creates an app clone of multiple apps and runs all in multi parallel space.

Parallel accounts: You can stay logged in simultaneously with parallel accounts of work life & personal life. Quick Switch you can quickly switch between social networking apps & do multi chat at one time.

Dual space free app cloner allows users to maintain & run multiple accounts of social media apps games simultaneously. Dual space lite creates customized space for all cloned apps of social media network and clone games. Dual app contains space plus to maintain and run 2accounts in Parallel.

Dual space Multiple Accounts cloning app has a function of appclone, it takes multi social apps and via free app cloner i.e. a super cloner, clone games & clone app. Dual space free contains extra space storage plus to maintain and run multi accounts in Parallel. App cloner takes social media applications, app duplicator creates app clone & puts dual account in second space of multiapp.

Privacy Protection & apps clone function

Do you want to make your own private account that cannot be found? Dual Space builds a privacy zone for you, leaving no trace in the phone system. It can make your private duplicate whatsapp account hidden and can not be seen by others, so your data security is ensured and your privacy is protected.

Dual Space is a dual technology that can clone apps. We do not install more applications on your phone, so that your phone will run smoothly.

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