The Best Striker 9 Build In MW3

The Striker 9 is one of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s new SMGs. It fires absurdly fast, has controllable recoil, and has many unique barrel and stock attachments to choose from. Yet even with all of this weapon’s options, the Striker 9 struggles to compete due to its low range stat and mediocre damage output.




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While it won’t redefine the meta, the Striker 9 can be turned into a powerful mid-range weapon with the right build. This guide will showcase how to make the Striker 9 a solid SMG for all Multiplayer content, covering the best attachment options and perks to run with this weapon.

The Best Striker 9 Build

Striker 9 Build
Attachment Pros And Cons
Striker Elite Long Barrel (Barrel)
  • +Bullet Velocity
  • +Aiming Idle Sway
  • +Recoil Control
  • +Damage Range
  • -Hipfire and Tac Stance Spread
  • -Movement Speed
  • -Aim Walking Speed
  • -Sprint to Fire Speed
Sonic Suppressor S (Muzzle)
  • Undetectable by Radar
  • +Bullet Velocity
  • +Damage Range
  • -Aim Walking Steadiness
  • -Sprint to Fire Speed
  • -Recoil Control
SL Skeletal Vertical Grip (Underbarrel)
  • +Aim Down Sights Speed
  • +Vertical Recoil
  • +Gun Kick Control
  • +Sprint to Fire Speed
  • -Hipfire and Tac Stance Spread
  • -Horizontal Recoil
50 Round Drum (Magazine)
  • -Movement Speed
  • -Aim Down Sights Speed
  • -Sprint to Fire Speed
  • -Reload Quickness
Lachmann Recon Series Stock (Stock)
  • +Gun Kick Control
  • +Firing Aim Stability
  • +Aiming Idle Sway
  • +Recoil Control
  • -Hipfire and Tac Stance Spread
  • -Sprint to Fire Speed
  • -Movement Speed
  • -Sprint Speed

The Striker 9 features more recoil than its bigger brother, so we recommend building this gun for firing aim stability, gun kick control, and range. All three aspects can easily be increased through the use of a few Striker-specific attachments, namely the Striker Elite Long Barrel and Lachmann Recon Series Stock.

Both attachments will greatly improve the weapon’s stability and overall recoil. To make the gun more effective at longer distances, we use the Sonic Suppressor S to increase the weapon’s bullet velocity and damage falloff values. Paired with the barrel, this gun can fight targets at medium distances with little issue. We also use a 50 Round Drum to make multikills easier to pull off.

Adding such a massive magazine does hurt the Striker 9’s handling, however, so we recommend using an underbarrel to fix that. The SL Skeletal Vertical Grip is perfect, increasing your ADS speed while simultaneously lowering your vertical recoil. With all five attachments equipped, the Striker 9 becomes incredibly consistent at all ranges thanks to its minimal recoil and tight bullet spread.

Loadout Recommendations

Vest Infantry
Gloves Assault Gloves
Boots Covert Sneakers
Gear Ghost
Secondary Preference
Lethal Preference
Tactical Preference
Field Upgrade Preference

SMG builds ideally want to use the Infantry Vest to gain the effects of Running Sneakers for free. The doubled tactical sprint duration and lower cooldown make for a much more agile loadout. For perks, Ghost is a must with any suppressed weapon, completely hiding you from enemy radar if you’re moving. Covert Sneakers are also mandatory since they muffle your footstep audio. Assault Gloves are useful for players that frequently jumpshot.

Your equipment is mostly down to preference, so feel free to use anything you like. Objective game modes can make great use of the Trophy System or A.C.S. Field Upgrades. Aggressive playstyles should also use the Stim Tactical to immediately regenerate any lost HP after a gunfight.


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