The Best Cheap Goalkeepers In FM 24

In Football Manager 2024, you may have the best strikers, midfielders, and defenders, but if you don’t have a solid goalkeeper as your last line of defense, your team will struggle to see out results. As is the theme with the game and with real life, the best players in every position are usually the most expensive, and goalkeepers are no different.




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That said, there are many great and trustworthy goalkeepers you can sign on a budget. Some are young with a lot of potential, and you will have to train them into world-class shot-stoppers, while others are a bit older and slowly leaving their prime. Still, they are of good enough quality and very affordable.

7 Andrew

Football Manager 2024- Andrew Against A Penalty Taker

Best Attributes

Reflexes (16), Eccentricity (16), Rushing Out Tendency (16)

Player Value


Andrew is a 22-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper who plays for Gil Vincente in Portugal. He is an exceptional goalkeeper with many impressive attributes and potential. At 22, Andrew already has his playing style figured out, and it would be difficult to convert him to any other style.

He is not a sweeper keeper who comes off his line and involves himself in the passing play. However, Andrew is the one for you if you’re looking for an out-and-out shot-stopper with excellent reflexes. With so many years left before he even hits his prime, you’ll be reaping the benefits of his outstanding performances for a long time.

6 Luiz Junior

Football Manager 2024- Luiz Junior

Best Attributes

Rushing Out Tendency (18), Reflexes (16), Jumping Reach (16)

Player Value


At the start of Football Manager 2024, Luiz Junior is 22 years old and already one of the best young goalkeepers in the game. His stats are impressive, most notably his concentration (15/20), which ensures that he isn’t caught out in counter-attacking situations or by sudden shots.

He also cuts an imposing figure in goal at 6’3 and has an impressive reach. With all these incredible stats and so much room for growth, it is shocking that this player is valued at such a low price.

5 Ferran Quetglàs

Football Manager- Ferran Quetglàs

Best Attributes

Agility (15), Balance (15), Command Of Area (14)

Player Value


Ferran is an 18-year-old Spanish goalkeeper who plays in the Spanish top-flight league for Real Madrid. He is an impressive player by many standards, but he would especially make an impact for one of the lower league teams with big aspirations.


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You could sign Ferran permanently, as his value is not high. However, if your club’s financial situation is dire, you can also loan him from Madrid and sign him permanently the following season.

4 Cristian Rivero

Football Manager 2024- Cristian Rivero

Best Attributes

Agility (15), Natural Fitness (15), Handling (14)

Player Value


Rivero is a 25-year-old goalkeeper who plays for Valencia in Spain. Although his stats could be more impressive, they are good enough for him to make an impact as the primary starting goalkeeper for a lower-league side.

What is most intriguing about Rivero is his meager market value. He is one of the cheapest young goalkeepers in the game, and any team can sign him at almost no cost, either as a backup, a placeholder until they find a better option, or as their main keeper, as he still has room to develop.

3 Sven Ulreich

Football Manager 2024- Sven Ulreich In Action For His Club

Best Attributes

Jumping Reach (16), Natural Reach (16), One-On-Ones (15)

Player Value


Sven Ulreich is an experienced German goalkeeper who plays in the German league for Bayern Munich. He is 34 at the start of the game, which, for a goalkeeper, is nearing the end of his prime years.

Still, he has excellent, well-rounded stats, likely due to his experience. While Sven is not the best goalkeeper on this list, signing him up for his very low market value might be an intelligent choice, as he is still a solid player with at least two more seasons of quality shot-stopping.

2 David De Gea

Football Manager 2024- David De Gea-1

Best Attributes

Reflexes (19), Agility (17), Natural fitness (17)

Player Value


David De Gea is a 35-year-old Spanish goalkeeper. He is a free agent at the start of Football Manager 2024, but he was once hailed as the best goalkeeper in the world.


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His stats are all impressive, and he still has a lot of quality for an older player. Even though he is reaching the twilight of his career, no one should turn down the opportunity to sign a player of this quality, especially for free.

1 Rome-Jayden Owusu-Oduro

Football Manager- Rome-Jayden Owusu-Oduro

Best Attributes

Aerial Reach (16), Eccentricity (15), Composure (15)

Player Value


Owusu-Oduro is one of the most exciting goalkeeping prospects in Football Manager 2024. The 18-year-old plays for AZ in the Dutch League. Despite his youth, he has impressive stats across the board.

His stats make him an excellent sweeper keeper, which will give you an extra creative outlet if you run a possession-heavy tactical setup. Being only 18, Oduro has a lot of room to grow and many in-game years at the top. Naturally, a player like this will cost a bit more than the other players on this list. However, his market value is still nowhere near high enough for the quality of player that he is.

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