Linpo is a small tool that can create AI headshots, AI Yearbook, hair styles&colors, AI photos and AI filters.

AI headshots

Create Professional Headshots with Linpo AI that can be used on your CV and social platform.

AI Yearbook

Here you can take photos of different styles, full of youthful flavor. Come and get your AI yearbook photos!

Hair styles&colors

Try on hairstyles and colors to get a brand new feeling on AI tech.

Hidden Text

Simply type in your message and it will generate an image that makes your friends squint to see it.

Seemingly blank at first glance, there are actually words hidden inside. Raise your eyebrows in concentration, and a surprise awaits!

Turn text into art, unlock the secret to viral content, and easily take over your social feed.

AI graph generates graph

Supports custom uploaded pictures, and AI can reprocess them with one click to generate a brand new picture.

Make your pictures more creative!

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Privacy Policy: https://static-zihua.s3.amazonaws.com/Android_Privacy_Policy.html

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