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Earn points by checking in at Taito stores and activating the app every day!

Use the points you earn to exchange for coupons that can be used at Taito stores, apply for gifts, or play medal games online. Please enjoy!

When you check in at a Taito store, you can earn check-in points.

You can also earn login bonuses by opening the app every day.

You can also collect additional bonuses during various events such as Taito Day (23rd of every month).

The accumulated points can be exchanged for coupons that allow you to use the game at a discount at Taito stores.

You can apply for various presents with the points you have accumulated.

With the points you have accumulated, you can enjoy the store’s remote coin crane games.

*Some stores are not compatible. Please note.

You can enjoy the same real medal games as at the game center online from a remote location.

*Please enjoy after exchanging the points you have accumulated for TM (Taito Medals).

You can search for nearby stores, upcoming prizes, and active games.

The history of the stores you checked into is recorded, and you can earn titles depending on the number of stores you visit.

Held irregularly. You can collect stamps at Taito stores and apply for gifts.

You can receive various new information such as campaign information.

This app works in conjunction with your current location information and sends notifications from the app as push notifications.

By default, we use GPS to deliver notifications appropriately based on highly accurate location information.

Please be aware that the battery may run down as GPS is used to obtain the location.

You can always choose a setting that consumes less battery (does not use GPS).

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