Looking for a way to secure your personal business chat? Well, the solution is here and it’s called Locker for WhatsB Chat App. It is the best app to secure your business chat. To maintain your privacy simply create a 4-digit passcode, add the chat and you are good to go.

The app is the perfect solution for those who are concerned about their privacy. It helps prevent other users from viewing the private content.


• Conveniently add an extra layer of security to your business account

• Passcode protected communication

• The easiest way to secure your WhatsApp Business chat

• Unique application that provides the opportunity to lock business chats

Like many people out there, if you too are looking for a simple way to lock your business chat and stop people from digging through your stuff, you have Locker for WhatsB Chat App. This security app is more than it looks it offers the following features:


• Free to use

• Ad-free

• The best app to lock WhatsApp Business Account

• Uses very fewer resources and space

• Intuitive and easy to use interface

• Requires Accessibility permission

How to use WhatsB Chat App

1. Download and install the app on your Android device

2. Tap Locker for WhatsB Chat App icon and launch the app

3. Create a four-digit PIN and re-confirm it

4. Set recovery email address or can just skip it

5. Grant Accessibility permissions to start using the app

Note: The password you just created will not be the entry code for all the chats, added to the Locker for WhatsB Chat App

6. To add the chat, tap on the + icon and you are all set.

This is the simplest and most unique way to secure your important business WhatsApp chats. Rest assured as Locker for WhatsB Chat App with a PIN will add an extra touch of security. So, what are you waiting for? Create the PIN, grant permission, and add the chat to Locker for WhatsB Chat App and relax.

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