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Looking for a way to prank your friends and have a good laugh? Look no further than the Prank Caller app! With our extensive library of scripted pranks, you can anonymously prank call your friends and listen in live to their reactions. And don’t worry, all calls are optionally recorded so you can relive the hilarity over and over again.

Our app is easy to use. Simply select a prank from our library, dial your friend’s number, and send the call. They’ll never know it’s not a real person on the other end of the line! Plus, we’re always adding new pranks to keep the fun going.

Have a specific prank in mind? Let us know! We take requests and are always looking for new ideas to add to our collection.

With Prank Caller, you can make up to 3 prank calls a day for free. And with no limit on the number of pranks you can choose from, the possibilities are endless. So download the #1 Prank Calling App today and start pranking your friends!

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