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Do what over a million expectant parents have done. Download the pregnancy app Preggers and check out the world’s best 3-D experience of child development and growth.

“Preggers offers the most medically correct, lifelike animations of child development during pregnancy that I’ve ever seen.”

– Eeva Itkonen, certified midwife

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Baby tracker with an amazing 3-D experience

→ Track the baby development with a unique 3-D experience, because all children are different.

→ Follow the baby growth – from an unfertilised egg to a fully developed baby

→ Get information and highlights from the development of your child

→ Use the baby size tracker and see your child’s actual size – zoom and rotate to see all the details

Pregnancy tracker with useful and fun information

→ Pregnancy calendar – even for you with a twin pregnancy, if you will have a caesarean section or have a planned induction

→ Baby size tracker – the baby size is visualised week by week with interactive and cute fruits, animals, and other things

→ Pregnancy week by week information on all the amazing changes that are happening

→ Articles and information written by experts from different fields

→ Subscribe to trending podcasts about pregnancy, children and parenthood

Functions & Tools

→ Get help calculating the first, preliminary pregnancy due date

→ Share your pregnancy calendar and smart tools with loved ones

→ Dark theme (perfect for restless legs and nighttime reading) and other colour themes for a more personal experience

→ Custom exercises before, during, and after the pregnancy, created by experts

→ Contraction timer with guidance throughout labour

→ Search from thousands of baby names in our baby name generator, and see what the trending names for the current year are

→ Smart checklist and baby list with everything that you need for your new family member

→ Kegel exercises that are simple and fun to do – we promise!

→ Pregnancy food guide & Breastfeeding food guide, to make quick everyday decisions easier

Immortalise your personal journey

→ Baby milestones – a diary where you can save all your thoughts, memories, and photos

→ Bump Booth – a photo function with cute stickers for the bump and baby

→ Share your pregnancy countdown and baby progress on social media

Only available in the Preggers app

→ Unique 3-D experience with the development of your child and information about your pregnancy

→ Information about the pregnant body, illustrated with a unique 3-D experience

→ Stats even for those with caesarean section and planned induction

→ Animated, interactive size comparisons, shown with cute fruits, animals, and other items

→ In the diary, every entry has information about the week of pregnancy or the age of your child, so you can easily look back on your memories

→ Create memories in your child’s diary together with your loved ones

→ Trending names for the current year and the option to share with your loved ones

→ Beautiful design, dark mode, and different coloured themes for a more personal experience

→ Price comparison function that helps you find the best price – available in select countries

→ Exclusive information for everything you need to acquire

Information in the Preggers app

Preggers guides you through your pregnancy and the toddler years and shows you relevant information for your current week or your child’s age. You can feel safe and secure knowing that the contents of the app have been produced in collaboration with experts on pregnancy, children, exercise, and more. The app is updated continuously to make the greatest adventure of your life a bit easier, and to contribute to a good start for the whole family.

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It’s so cool that we get to be a part of your journey and contribute with joy, knowledge and help your whole family throughout this adventure!

Love from the Preggers team ♥

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