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Auto Play delivers music and audio notifications just when you need them.

Enjoy a change of mood with music delivered automatically when you do things like put on headphones or start moving, and audio alerts for important notifications, all without touching your phone. Connect with our partner services for automatic suggestions of your music favorites, or a soundscape to help you concentrate or relax.

*This app is compatible with Sony LinkBuds, LinkBuds S, LinkBuds UC, WF-1000XM5 and WH-1000XM5.


[Music Auto Play]

– Wear to Play

Music immediately plays when you take your headphones out of their case and put them on. You don’t need to do anything on your smartphone. You can even get a read out of the date and weather when you put on your headphones for the first time of the day.

– After Call

Once you’re finished a call, your music automatically resumes to help you relax. Vary the pace of your life.

– After Work

After work, music plays automatically for a change of mood.

– On the Move

Music plays automatically when you get up for a mood-changing walk.

– Running

Music plays automatically when you start a run, allowing you to switch moods and focus.

– Gym

Music plays automatically when you arrive at the gym, allowing you to switch moods and focus.

[Time Announcements]

Get an audio notification at the top of every hour.

[App Audio Notifications]

Notifications are read out automatically when they arrive. You can set how often notifications are read for each app.


*Depending on your model, some features may operate differently. For more details, see the website below.

*Always use the latest version of your device OS and the application.

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*Terms and conditions for available partner services and their contents, as well as related software (including operating systems) apply.

*The contents of this application are subject to change without notice.

*This application may be updated or terminated without notice.

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