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Translating from one language to another has never been so easy until now

Photo translator automatically detects the language and translates it with just one click. All languages translator helps people to translate different languages around the world. All language translator supports voice translation, text, and photo translation. Photo translator automatically detects the language of the text in the image and quickly translates text. The translated text will render directly on top of the original text on the photo in the picture translator. The camera translator is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Users can also translate live conversations with a voice translator. All language translator supports more than 100 global languages.

Key features of all language translators

• Translate photos, voice, text, and conversations.

• Auto detects the language and translates pictures.

• Quick translation in over 100 global languages.

• 100% text scanning accuracy in photo translation.

• Translate photos and translate live images.

• Translated text is rendered over the image.

• Speak and translate voice in any language.

• Share translation directly with your friends

• Easy to use and user-friendly interface.

Text Translator / OCR Translator

The translator app is loaded with the latest text scanning technology. The text translator scans the text in the image with 100% accuracy. Users can translate text by simply pasting or speaking it directly into the app. The text translator automatically detects the input language and translates it. Text translation can be shared directly from the translation app. Users can also easily copy the translated text from the photo translator in all languages.

Photo Translator / Camera Translator

The picture translator app offers two ways of photo translation. Users can translate pictures directly from the phone’s gallery. Image translator can also translate photos using the phone’s camera. The photo translator of all languages app automatically detects the language of the scanned text and reproduced it directly on the image. Users can listen to the translated text with the text-to-speech feature in picture translate.

Conversation Translator / Live translation

Live translator offers an additional feature of conversation translation. Users can have a live conversation with people who speak other languages to translate voices. The translate app is specifically designed for travelers moving around different countries to translate voices. Users can easily communicate in different languages with a voice translator.

The camera translator is easy to use and has a friendly interface. The translation app has one of the most advanced scanning technologies. Photo translator helps users to translate images easily. The text translator quickly scans and translates text into the required language. Voice translator is an easy way to talk between people in different languages using all language translator apps. Image translator keeps a record of all previous translation history. Users can share translations directly with their friends from the translate app. The photo translate app can translate text, photos, and voice translation.

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