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Mudding Games – Off Road 4×4 is a 4×4 off road driving and racing simulator game. You will show your 6×6 off road racing skills through dirt roads, unpaved roads, climbing hills…

You will drive powerful cars, tractor, special jeeps and 4×4 trucks off the road. It´s a offroad driving experience full of action and difficult trials. Forget about offroad driving easily. Forget about simple off road car driving games, simple racing simulator. Now, the adventure is to drive offroad.

Do you like trucks, jeeps and 4×4 vehicles? Do you like to drive? If yes, this 6×6 off road driving simulator game is perfect for you! Offroad driving is much more funny and exciting.

You will drive old Soviet vehicles, American and Japanese cars to complete every task and mission. Your goal is to transport cargo to its destination without depleting resources (such as fuel) or damaging the car or truck. Offroad Games – Tractor Game is a off road racing simulator game. Each scene and each mission take place in different and though terrain and mud racing paths.

Enjoy this simulator: 6×6 offroad racing scenes are highly realistic. Depending on levels, you will be able to choose the vehicle you prefer to drive: big cars, 4×4 trucks, SUVs, pickups, jeeps… This offroad driving simulator has various vehicles and each of them has its own physics!

Main Faitures of Offroad Racing & Mudding Games :

– Extreme offroad driving experience

– Super vehicles available: mega cars, 4×4 trucks, jeeps…

– The player must drive in very tough and dirt roads, climb hills, go through river courses…

– Racing mode is also available.

– Show your driving skills in difficult terrain.

Ready to drive and extreme 4×4 off road races? Let´s go!

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