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Do want to know all details of your visited locations ??? Yes ?

In today’s world, we all travel long routes & visit so many places in a day…& sometimes you might forget what was the place that you visited on so & so date and time. Use this app to save your travel timeline with all locations and time details. Get your visited places timeline – day by day or date by date.

App features :

– Get a timeline of all locations that you visited with details like location, time & duration.

– Track your all location details with timings.

– Check location history with pincode, city, state, country, from date to date & even you can share these all details with anyone.

– Get the current location marker with the full location address.

# Key Points:

1) My Timeline: In this feature, you will see a list of days & calender view to get the whole day’s location details by selecting any date. Check full timeline track of your whole day with location address.

2) Location History: Get the full location address with pincode, city, state, country, from date to date details.

3) My timeline: You will see the Full route of your noted timeline on Mapview.

4) My Places: You can get detail of a particular location by times & by hours.

– By time: Get the list of a particular location with different timings by selecting from date to date.

– By Hours: Get the list of a particular location based on Hours.

Location permission: Required to get location and show location history with a timeline.

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