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[PASS Introduction]

We provide authentication services such as identity verification, PASS certificate, and mobile ID, as well as credit, finance, stocks, real estate, investment, health, living information, and mobile phone payment services.

[main function]

Identity verification: Text identity verification, PASS app identity verification and authentication details provided

PASS certificate: Provides safe and simple authentication in various places such as Government 24, National Tax Service Home Tax, etc.

Driver’s license: Provides driver’s qualification, adult status, identity verification, and verification history

Resident registration card: Adult status, identity verification provided

Smart Ticket: Simultaneously verify your flight ticket and ID when entering and exiting the domestic airport.

ID verification: Verification of the authenticity of another person’s mobile ID

Mobile wallet: Issuance of public documents from the government electronic document wallet, national secretary notification service, and issuance of various credentials

PASS Money: Accumulate points through activities within the PASS service

Mobile phone payment: Mobile phone payment usage history, discount benefit inquiry, limit inquiry and change

PASS Prime: Provides credit information, financial certification and information, and stock information all at once

Financial Secretary: Integrated inquiry of my assets, consumption analysis, financial health diagnosis and prescription, customized information and benefit notification functions

My assets: automatic transfer, simple payment, real estate, car information

Insurance: Notification functions such as integrated insurance inquiry, health checkup, etc.

Credit: Credit rating information, credit change notification

Investment: Domestic stock information, overseas stock information

Identity theft prevention: Restrict others from opening a mobile phone in your name

Change of contact information: Apply to change contact information (address, phone number) in bulk to telecommunication companies, financial institutions, etc.

[Service Target]

– Customers using SK Telecom

※ You can sign up and use only from a mobile phone in your name.

※ Customers with budget phones and corporate phones can also use it. (For corporate phones, you can register as an actual user through a dealer or 114.)

※ Driver’s license service is available only to driver’s license holders who are 16 years of age or older.

※ Those under 14 years of age can use the service after obtaining the consent of a legal representative registered with SK Telecom.

※ Those under the age of 14 cannot use certificates or identity theft prevention.

[Required access rights]

-Phone: Required for USIM authentication.

– Notification: Required for identity verification and authentication services.

※ If you do not agree, subscription to and use of the service will be restricted.

[Optional access rights]

-Camera: Used for QR authentication and photo taking.

– Storage space: Used when attaching photos.

– Location information: Used when using mobile ID.​

※ You can use the service even if you do not agree to the optional access rights.​

[Information Use]

– Supported version: AOS 6 or higher

– If you are unable to use the app, please send a request to cancel your PASS to

– PASS by SK telecom is a free service provided by SK Telecom. (Data call fees may apply depending on your plan)​

– Service usage inquiries: Mobile phone 114 / Email:

Developer contact information:


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