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Welcome to the exciting train game where you can try yourself as a real train driver. Breakneck speed, realistic map of the city subway, the role of the train driver, all this is waiting for you in an exciting game Subway Train Sim – City Metro.

In our underground subway simulator, you can enjoy first-person train control from the train driver’s cab, feel like a real train driver and explore various railway train station routes on the underground subway map.

You have the opportunity to control the metro trains of the largest cities in the world and euro. You will control the train directly from the cab of metro driver, you need to carry passengers from one metro station to another. Be attentive to deliver passengers on time. You are waiting for various models of realistic metro trains, complex railway routes, real stations and a metro map and speed selection.


Feel the control of the train, pick up and slow down, follow the map of the underground subway. Arrive at the metro station on time, open the train doors and pick up passengers to take them to another train metro station.


In our subway simulator game, you can choose different subway models and control underground trains on a realistic metro world map.


You can enjoy just driving a train, but your main duty as a metro train driver is to transport passengers from one station to another. The more passengers you carry, the better for you as a real train driver.


The most important thing is to keep track of time, because passengers need to get to the train station on time. Don’t forget that. Control the subway train so as to drive passengers to the right time. Be responsible underground driver.

Subway Train Sim – City Metro game features:

– exciting world of the underground subway;

– simulator control of a real subway train in the first person;

– metro train control from the cab of train driver;

– different metro trains models;

– metro rail routes to explore railway underground world;

– possibility to control a high speed underground train;

– one of the beat subway simulator game.

– interesting camera angles of the cab of subway train driver.

Enjoy the real underground subway simulator, high speed metro trains, various missions, unlimited free driving with our train simulator game Subway Train Sim – City Metro.

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