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Radar & HUD (head-up display) application is the greatest radar app you will ever see among all of the others. You can access too many radars along with their speed limits.

If you are driving a car, motorcycle, bicycle, truck, or other vehicles, you are going to need this app. Our speed camera radar detector will help you easily find radars.

If you love getting on the road and never like to stop, you should use our radarbot – radar detector app. Because it is the best ways to stay out of radars’ sights.

While driving through tunnels, you should always consider these tunnels could have speedometers. Therefore you must know if your speed is slower than the speedometer’s limit.

Even if your GPS won’t work, we have calculated the next radar from far away. So that, there will be no missing speed radar. You will be warned in an essential moment and you will have time to lower your speed.

Have you ever been sick of getting a huge ticket penalty? You must have felt sad about that. We are trying to lessen your sadness with our free & easy to use driving app.

Besides, your driver’s license will stand unpunished and you will never have any new penalty tickets. Also, It will save time which will be going to spend on the governmental institution

Calculate your payments for fixed radars, you are going to see how much you need to use this amazing app. It will lower your costs because it is free.

It is simple like other maps & navigation apps. You just need to drive your car. Let our app works for you. You are going through the best route with zero additional costs.

Also, we have thought that while we have been going for a long road, people could be distracted and lose attention on the phone’s radar. But we warn them with a distinct voice to never miss any radar.

You are being nervous when you encounter a cop. A police detector will decrease your stress. Because it will warn you before any police cars or patrol around.

Speed Camera Detector or Speedometer will catch your current speed trap and write it to its memory. Our purpose is to make it write your speed less. From now on, don’t worry about the speed detector or speedometer.

Head up Display is the greatest wayz to control your car’s speed. While you are driving, we presume you don’t want to lose your focus. So, we have developed a technology that you can mirror your car’s speed to the windscreen.

Head up Display as we already wrote as HUD is mirroring your speed from your phone through the car’s windscreen. HUD never needs your GPS navigation. Just open it for the next radar gun, then you are free to deactivate it.

Head up Display is the best and also free feature you would like to use. Also, we mirror radar limits besides your current speed.

You have used so many navigation and maps apps. But you have never found any cop radar alerts apps so far. We use so less space from your storage and your phone runs so faster compared to other apps. Therefore, you can listen to any music from your phone without any delay or lag.

There are too many maps, navigation, speed-camera apps. But none of them are capable of what we are doing. So you should give us a chance at this.

Please let us be part of your journeys. We will be glad if we provide any help for you. Enjoy this beautiful traffic app and share it with your friends. Most importantly, share your opinions with us.

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