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Did you love biology lessons at school? Probably not. But that’s certainly not going to stop you from loving this unique, all-action evolution simulator. It easily brings the world of evolutionary biology to life in glorious technicolour on the screen of your device. Even the big starts small – single-cell is small in this case – and you’ll need to eat and eat 🍖 to prove your fit to clamber up the food chain and take the leap to reach the next stage of evolution in this fun, fast-moving science game.


🦎 Life’s rich pageant: Start the game as a tiny bacteria in a vast ocean, feed and grow to become a fish, then a turtle, then a frog and on through all the stages of evolution. You’ll never forget your first step on dry land! With each new type of creature come subtle changes to the gameplay that will keep you engaged in the game and always hungry for more.

🦎Fun is in its DNA: In the classic gameplay of this super fun science game you have to guide your creature to the tastiest snacks, not all of whom are entirely happy to be your feed 🍗🍖. Eat your fill to complete each level and watch out for some not entirely scientific bonus treats that will get you to your goal even faster (what’s that pizza doing in the jungle?).

🦎The price of progress: Complete the goal in each level of the game, and you’ll get coins to buy more specimens. Merge them together, and through the magic of mutation you’ll create a new species. Don’t get over-confident though – you’ll need a pile of coins and multiple merges to move to the next stage of evolution, so get back in the game and keep eating for all you’re worth.

🦎Plenty more fish in the sea: You’re hungry for progress, it’s all about feeding and growing, and there’ll be hundreds of smaller creatures to feast on in each level of the game. Though don’t forget there’s always something higher up the food chain that’s just as eager to feed on you. It’s the survival of the fittest!

🦎 The glorious evolution: This beautifully designed simulator features gorgeously bright and detailed gamescapes, with a unique cute and colourful creature to unlock each time you take a step up the evolutionary ladder.


If success is in your DNA 🧬 and you’re determined to make it to the very top of the food chain, you’re bound to enjoy this fun and frantic science-based feeding frenzy of an evolutionary simulator. Looking for an original, engaging casual game that would help you grow as a person, or at least as an amoeba, fish or turtle?

Then download Evolution Merge right now and get chomping your way up the very top of the evolutionary ladder.

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