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The RØDE Reporter App is the intuitive recording companion you need to easily record and publish broadcast quality audio. It is compatible with all RØDE microphones that have a USB-C interface, including the NT-USB Mini, the VideoMic Me-C and the VideoMic NTG.

Review your recordings in the app, and then easily export or share them natively. Record in either MP3 or WAV recording modes, for maximum flexibility.

Perfect for podcasting, location recording, capturing musical performances, note taking and more!


– High resolution recording up to 48KHz, 24 bits (with external RØDE USB-C microphone attached)

– Simple & intuitive design with real-time waveform display while recording.

– Record in uncompressed WAV or with MP3 compression, at 128, 256 or 320 kbps bit rates.

– Switchable dark colour scheme for night or conference mode.

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