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Feel the weight of the ball as you send it hurling down the alley.

Hear iconic sounds of pins getting KO’ed.

This is realistic bowling games on your phone at its best.

Start playing quickly with accurate and easy touch controls. 

Curve your ball and drive full force into the pocket for a satisfying strike. 

Personalize your bowling alley with pins made of shiny plastics and beautiful wood grain.

• 43+ bowling balls for you to collect and master

• 43+ bowling pins to personalize your game

• Local pass and play for up to 4 of your family & friends

• Climb the leaderboards on Google Play Games services

• Synthwave music by P O N G M A N featured in the cosmic bowling alley

Enjoy a fun game of bowling on your phone and tablet.

Get it now and play!


• Drag the ball left or right to position the ball

• Swipe up + the angle you want the ball to roll

• More power – Pull the ball back (swipe down) before rolling the ball

• To add clockwise spin, drag the spin control icon to the right

• To add counter-clockwise spin, drag the spin control icon to the left


• The more you drag the spin control, the more spin will be applied to a maximum of 100%

• The effects of the spin are affected by how much power you roll the ball with, the oil pattern on the lane, and the properties of the bowling ball


• You can post all your bugs or suggestions on the Facebook fan page (

• e-mail us at “support (at)”

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