Rajmargyatra info

A unified mobile Application developed for National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for Highway users across the country, to help them in providing highway information and various services related to their journey .

From the app; user can get the details of nearest toll plaza, toll plaza enroute, know the NH , nearby services like petrol pump, hospital, hotel etc.

The app is available in multiple languages: English and Hindi.

Highway users can raise an issue/complaint with image or video evidence from this application, track the grievance status and provide feedback. At the backend a web application runs to receive the issues and complaints submitted from highway users, based on a complaint category. The complaint or issue will be geo tagged and it will be sent to the concerned competent authority of nearest toll plaza. The system allows multiple (manual/automatic) levels of escalation preferably up to five to six levels based on the complaint category. Also the authority can view the highway user’s complaint feedback and ratings

The application also helps to record the journey and view later.

Here the citizen can set their speed limit while on journey. If he/she is driving beyond limit, app will generate an alert.

Multicast, unicast and broadcast notifications are used to share the relevant information related to Roads and NH to citizen.

Artificial Intelligence assistance is used to control the application through voice, while driving

The main and important feature of app is the fastTag services, the app itself will provide the fastTag services such as Buy recharge, FastTag recharge, Monthly pass, Login bank portal etc

Citizen can rate their experience of the journey as well as the NH services.

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