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Smart IV is a free companion app that integrates with your GO game seamlessly. Scanning your screen while you play, Smart IV shows hidden info and stats about your monsters.

💯 100% IV (Hundo) Checker

Learn if the wild monster is 100% IV or not, even before catching it. Don’t waste your time with worse; focus on 100% IV on Community Days and Spotlight hours!

⚔️ Learn PvP IV

Check which of your monsters are worth powering up and evolving for GBL. Don’t accidentally transfer Great League, Ultra League, and Little Cup-worth monsters.

📊 Power Up & Evolution Simulator

Check how much stardust and candy you need to power up & evolve your target. Invest in monsters that you can afford; don’t waste your resources.

🛡️ Check the Best Moveset

Find the ideal moveset for your monsters. Smart IV simulates all possible move sets and shows the best ones.

🔥 Type Effectiveness Tool

Smart IV provides a reference for type effectiveness for single and double-typed monsters. Quickly check which type is effective against each other.

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