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Free math games for kids. A great choice if you are seeking math apps for kids with subtraction and addition games of various levels – from beginner math learning games for kindergarten to 1st grade math learning games. We are continuously adding games so that parents can have a great educational tool to help their kids learn math.

Highly engaging math learning games

Math apps for kids should not be boring but should offer a wide range of games to engage your kid. In this app, you will find the following types of subtraction and addition games:

  • Classic subtracting and adding games for count groups within 5 to 100
  • Exercises to choose the right answer
  • Beginner math games with time limits
  • Sentence-value matching exercises (drawing a line between the sentence and the value)
  • Exercises for correct sentence composition (moving the numbers to get the right equality)
  • Ranking math exercises (placing the given sentences in min-to-max order
  • Contest games for 2 players

We created sentences of various complexity levels. From learning games for kindergarten, who typically learn math within 5 or 10. To 1st grade math expressions of higher difficulty, which include sentences within 100.

Extra valuable features to facilitate math learning

Providing free math games for kids is a great help for their math learning. However, for the greatest effect, there should be some learning facilitation tools. That is why our app not only provides math games for free but offers a couple of extra valuable features to facilitate math learning (also for free):

  • Training reminder to help you make your math training regular
  • Error analysis to help you analyze your mistake and learn the right answer

Training reminder is available in settings and is on by default. The error analysis tab (a tab with an exclamation mark icon) appears if you gave the wrong answer and disappears after you visit this tab. When visiting this tab, you will see the sentence for which you gave the wrong answer. This sentence comes with the right answer so that you can learn it. Then, you can solve this sentence once again.

So, install this app and practice your math with engaging subtraction and addition games within 100. It is a great option among 1st grade math apps for kids. If you need beginner math learning games for kindergarten, you can select the count groups within 5 or 10. Anyway, here, you will find plenty of engaging and free math games for kids with an intuitive child-friendly interface and error analysis option.

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