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Key Features of Solvely:

– AI problem solver (scan to solve)

– Explain math, physics, and chemistry problems

– Word problem & geometry solution

– Free step-by-step explanations

– Personalized AI tutor

Math Topics Covered:

– All levels of math problems (elementary school to college and beyond)

– Algebra 1 & 2: linear, quadratic, exponential, etc.

– Calculus: limits, integral, differential equations, etc.

– Trigonometry

– Polynomial and fraction simplifying, factoring, and evaluating

– Operation of matrices: multiplication, arithmetic, etc.

– Probability and statistics: distributive property, etc.

– Arithmetic

Introducing Solvely, an AI math solver app powered by GPT-4. Whether you are stuck with math, physics, or chemistry problems, solve and learn them effortlessly with Solvely. Just take a photo, and our advanced math solver will give step-by-step explanations for your problems, allowing you to grasp the underlying principles and excel in your studies effortlessly.

Solve All

Struggling with schoolwork? Solvely explains all levels of math, physics, and chemistry, from elementary school to college-level problems and above. Solvely’s AI-powered solver tackles a wide range of math problems, including word problems and first-encountered problems. Just take a photo and let Solvely explain it in steps. With Solvely, learning becomes a breeze, allowing you to breeze through your problems in no time.

Step-by-Step Solutions

At Solvely, we believe in building a strong foundation in math, physics, and chemistry. That’s why we provide free step-by-step solutions that guide you through each math problem, ensuring you grasp the underlying principles. When you encounter a challenging step, Solvely offers detailed explanations and interpretations, turning every solution into a valuable learning opportunity. With Solvely, math becomes an exciting journey of discovery and growth.

Never Stop til you get it

With Solvely’s AI tutor, you can ask questions, seek clarifications, and receive personalized explanations to master any topic in math, physics, and chemistry. Stuck on a concept? Confused with a step in the solution? Don’t worry! Solvely’s AI tutor gets unstuck 24/7. Whether it’s algebraic equations, complex physics concepts, or tricky chemistry problems, our AI tutor ensures you grasp the subjects and problem-solving processes with personalized explanations. Embrace confidence in your studies with Solvely’s dedicated AI tutor by your side, guiding you every step of the way.

Unlock Your Full Math Potential with Solvely

Don’t let complex equations and word problems hold you back. Download Solvely now and experience the future of problem-solving. Let our AI-powered solver unlock your full math potential. With Solvely by your side, math learning becomes an exciting journey toward mastery, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Get ready to conquer math homework and boost your math learning with Solvely – your trusted math solver app.

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