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What is autoscience?

It is a new generation refueling and payment system that allows company vehicles to buy fuel from Opet stations with the Otobilim mobile application and delivers filling information to the customer in electronic environment.

By opening an account at Otobilim, fuel is purchased via smartphone without entering any device installation process in your vehicle. In addition to the operational convenience that will be provided by issuing invoices twice a month, you can manage your fuel expenses 24×7.

Otobilim is compatible with all bank credit cards, and your credit card information is stored in the Masterpass infrastructure.

You can add multiple credit cards and prioritize your preferred credit card. You can control your fuel purchases within the limits you define for your vehicle.

To take advantage of Otobilim advantages and make it easier for your company vehicles to refuel from Opet stations, download the application and register now!…

Meet with Otobilim, which makes it easier for your company vehicles to get fuel from Opet stations.

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