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Night Owl Protect lets you view all of your devices in one easy to use mobile app. Monitor your home or business, in real-time, on your Smart Phone or Tablet. Easily share images and recordings via your favorite social network or through email and text. Staying connected to your devices allows you to protect your world from potential threats. Secure, PROTECT and connect your world!

With Night Owl Protect, You Can:

• Quickly and easily set up your product with our Secure App-Based Bluetooth Setup

• Receive real-time mobile alerts when a human, face or vehicle is detected

• Easily configure your alert settings, so you get the notifications you want

• View live footage from your connected cameras

• Use audio features (2-Way Audio, Siren, Preset Voice Messages) with applicable models

• Search for and playback recordings using filters

• Save and share recordings right from your mobile device

• Take snapshot images and save and share them right from your mobile device

• Keep your data secure with 2-Step Verification, which safeguards your privacy by requiring two authentication steps for login

• Conveniently and securely access multiple devices with one set of login credentials (Single Sign-On)

• Securely reset your password, right from the app

• Create favorites and groups to better access select cameras when desired

• Share access to your cameras with friends and family

• Access recordings saved to the Night Owl Protect Cloud, if your product is linked to a Night Owl Protect Cloud monthly subscription plan

• NOTE: Not all features apply to all models. We have multiple products, with different features, that use the Night Owl Protect mobile application. Please refer to your product’s specifications for applicable features.

Night Owl Security Products is a leading innovator in the security technology industry and is one of the only U.S.-based, U.S.-owned security companies. At Night Owl, all our products are proudly designed and engineered in the United States by skilled personnel, so we can make your privacy and security our top priority. Additionally, Night Owl is in compliance with the U.S. government’s stance on protecting our nation per Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Unlike other brands, Night Owl products do not contain any essential components from specific banned China-based companies. We are proudly compliant with the new FCC Covered List and strongly believe in the importance of protecting Human Rights and the national security of the U.S.A. Our video surveillance equipment is used by homeowners, businesses, federal and municipal organizations, retailers, dealers, distributors, and integrators across the globe.

Visit us at for more information on all our products and services.

Night Owl Protect is compatible with the following Night Owl Devices:


DVR-BTD2-16 / V2

DVR-BTD2-161 / V2

DVR-BTD2-81 / V2

DVR-BTD8-16 / V2

DVR-BTD8-41 / V2

DVR-BTD8-8 / V2

DVR-BTD8-8-4POE-2 / V2

DVR-BTD8-81 / V2

DVR-BTD8-82 / V2













WARNING: This application uses data to connect your Cameras to your Smart Device. When connected to a 3G or 4G LTE network, the live video feed from your Camera will be considered streaming data by your phone service provider and will contribute to any data or download limit your phone data plan may have. If you exceed your data plan limit, this may result in additional usage charges. It is highly recommended to contact your phone service provider to know the limit of your data plan before using this video streaming application.

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