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Take your Battlefield experience to the next level with Macro Blue Balls. Our innovative app allows you to improve sensitivity and accuracy by placing customizable overlay balls on the fire button.

Main Features:

Customize your gaming experience with blue ball overlays or blue balls to your preferences. 🛠️

Adjust the size, stroke width, opacity, color, and background opacity of the blue ball for optimal performance. 🎨✨

Seamlessly toggle the macro blue balls background on or off to create the perfect gaming environment. 🔄🌟

Intuitive blue ball controls ensure effortless setup, allowing you to focus on dominating the battlefield. 🎯🔥

Blue Beads Macro is optimized to offer unparalleled precision and accuracy in ff. 🚀🔵

How to use:

Download and install Blue Balls Macro from the app store.

Open the app and configure the desired settings, including the size, color, and opacity of the blue ball.

Activate the overlay and place it on the fire button in-game.

Adjust the blue macro beads settings as needed to fine-tune your gaming experience.

Dominate the battlefield with enhanced sensitivity and precision.

With Macro Blue Beads, you’ll experience improved precision and control, giving you the edge you need to conquer the Battlefield! 🚀🔵🎮

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