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Music League is a game that lets you share and discover music by competing to determine the best songs for a particular theme!

If you want to discover new music, you will. You can share the songs you’re passionate about and you can decide which of your friends has the best taste in music.

You and your friends can play to win, play to reminisce or play to discover new tunes by looking at music in a new way.

Music League players will submit a song for each round’s “theme”. Every round presents a new way to think about your music and a reason to share the songs you love, the songs you always thought deserved more love or the songs you find that perfectly fit the theme.

Sample themes could include:

Best cover song

Beach Songs

Song I learned from TikTok

Best song of 2023 so far

Best song you’ve seen performed live

Songs to sing in the shower



Players submit a song that matches a theme

The app will create an anonymous, shuffled Spotify playlist (an Spotify account is required. A free account works, but note that Spotify will add songs to any playlist with less than 15 songs)

Players vote for which songs they like best or that fits the theme best

Players can comment on songs as they vote

When the votes are in, you are able to see who submitted which songs and all of the comments that were left

A champion is crowned for each round… updating the leaderboard along the way

An overall champion for each Music League is named after the last round

You’ll also see who gave you the most love…and the least!


Music League is always evolving. Features have been added along the way and more will be coming.

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