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Screen Recorder is useful application that captures the output of your mobile screen and saves it as a video file. It can be used to record anything that is happening on your screen, including applications, games, videos, and even your own webcam feed.

Screen Recorder & phone recorder is a versatile screen recording app that empowers you to capture, create, and share your moments in an engaging and professional way. Whether you want to record tutorials, gameplay, presentations, or simply showcase your creativity, has you covered. With intuitive features and a user-friendly interface, it’s the ultimate tool for anyone looking to record videos in high quality.

Key Features:

🎥 Screen Video Recorder Made Easy:

Record high-quality videos with ease. Record phone screen in Full HD resolution, ensuring every detail is crystal clear. Choose from recording the entire screen or select a specific area to focus on.

📺 Game Recorder:

Record Gameplay on your phone & become a gaming content creator and share your epic gaming moments with screen capture. Record your gameplay in real-time, capturing your victories and strategies for everyone to see.

🎙️ Screen Audio Recording:

Enhance your videos by recording external audio sources, such as narration, commentary, or background music, to provide context and depth to your recordings. Screen recorder with audio make your video more attractive.

📤 Easy Sharing:

Share your creations with the world seamlessly. Instantly share your recordings on social media platforms, video sharing sites, or through messaging apps, so your content can reach a wider audience along with your friends and family.


1. Screen & Video Recorder application is not related to YouTube. It is a recording tool. Please strictly abide by YouTube’s platform terms before using this application to record.

2. We respect the copyright of the owners. Please confirm that you have obtained the owners’ permission or authorization before using this application for recording.

3. This application is only for your personal study and research use. The recording content should not exceed the scope of personal use.

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