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We Challenge you to solve these 1000+ matchstick riddles and test your logical and math skills

These matchstick equation puzzle and matchstick puzzle will test your logical skills , IQ and math.

Solve these matchstick puzzles by moving, adding and removing matches until you find the right solution.

This game has 8 packs and each pack is different.

– Pack 1 is move or remove one matchstick and solve matchstick puzzles.

– Pack 2 is move or remove two matchstick and solve matchstick riddles.

– Similarly other packs which goes up to move or remove 8 matchsticks.

game features :

-1000 + matchstick riddles and puzzles.

– Hints Available. Use these hints to get help

– Save the game progress using google play services

– Achievement table to see your standing.

This game is made in collaboration of MindYourLogic Games and Logical Baniya

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