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Survivor Idle Run: Z-RPG – Your Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game!

Get ready for a thrilling idle RPG adventure with “Survivor Idle Run: Z-RPG,” the perfect mix of idle gameplay and intense zombie action! If you’re a fan of games like Legend of the Slime, Non-Stop Knight, and Survivor.io, this game is made for you.

Join Steve Stempia, an audacious Italian-American, in his exhilarating journey of survival against hordes of zombies. In this apocalypse, Steve fights AUTOMATICALLY, leaving you to upgrade his stats, complete quests, and reap rewards. Every fallen zombie grants you money that can be used to bolster Steve’s power. Remember, in a world infested by the undead, spend as soon as you earn!

**Tap and Slay!**

Speed up your game by tapping your screen. Fill up the bar to trigger FEVER, increasing Steve’s attack speed. The more you tap, the faster you run, the quicker the zombies fall!

**Armory of Destruction**

Knives might be risky, so why not send Steve a weapon’s supply? Discover a plethora of ranged weapons, from powerful bows to destructive guns, helping Steve mow down zombies with ease. Collect weapon cards, upgrade your arsenal, and equip Steve with the best!

**Recruit Allies**

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is more fun with company. Recruit melee and ranged allies to join Steve’s party. Merge them for enhanced power and unlock new ally slots using ingots or ads.

**Challenging Missions and Rewards**

Unlock thrilling challenges and tackle them head-on for amazing rewards. Conquer different difficulties, the higher the difficulty, the bigger the rewards! New challenges and rewards are unlocked at higher levels, promising non-stop fun and excitement!

**Daily Rewards and In-Game Store**

Log in daily for better rewards, complete daily missions to maximize your game efficiency. Visit the in-game store to buff up Steve and don’t forget to check back daily for new offers!

In “Survivor Idle Run: Z-RPG,” it’s not about surviving the apocalypse, it’s about dominating it. Ready to join Steve and become the ultimate zombie slayer?

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