Chat with friends on one-to-one video calls.

In life, many people don’t know how to make friends, especially when face-to-face social situations are required, and they feel very uncomfortable; if this is the case for you, then I suggest you try Cloz.

Chat online in Cloz, from learning to find topics to learning how to chat and make friends, and eventually become the king of social popularity!

【Safe Social Networking】

This is a very private social platform, and our users need real-name authentication to say hello to you!

All voice chats and video calls here will be kept confidential, so please feel free to release your social charm; since everyone is here to make friends, please respect yourself and others in a civilized manner so that everyone can be in a warm and safe community. Thank you for your Cooperate.

[Video Chat] Make private and secure video calls with your friends anytime, anywhere. You can talk about whatever you want.

[Reply rate 100%] Don’t be afraid of being left out, don’t be afraid that no one will care about you! Real people online, real profiles, real social needs. Everyone wants to get to know you.

[Match nearby people] Search or match to know more nearby people. Maybe you will meet people you met on the road but don’t have the courage to strike up a conversation.

[Personal homepage dress-up] Post handsome photos, introduce your interests and hobbies, or leave interesting comments for others to explore. These are all ways to show your charm.

If you encounter any issues in Cloz, you can find our official team to resolve them:


Hope you make real friends and have fun at Cloz!

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